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Blueberry Twist thumbnail

Blueberry Twist

Redefining the Meaning of Intensity!

Extreme doesn't even begin to describe the concentrated Blueberry flavour or the rockin' highs that'll lift you up, lay you low & do absolutely everything in between.

  • The End-All & Be-All of Fruit Flavoured Super Seeds
  • Can Finish in Just 6 Short Weeks
CBD Mass thumbnail

CBD Mass

High Yields, 80% Indica, 8% CBD

CBD Mass is a CBD rich Indica with honey-like flavours & massive yields. The physical power reaches deep for maximum medicinal effects.

  • 8% CBD: 8% THC - Recommended!
  • Rock-Solid Yields - 500 gr/m2
Honeysuckle FEMINIZED thumbnail


Sweet … Smooth … Potent …

Those 3 words instantly come to mind when you mention Honeysuckle Feminized Seeds. Want more? How about Delicious, Tantalizing, Satisfying & Absolutely Mind Blowing?

  • As Sweet & Sticky as they Come!
  • Early Finishes, High Yields, Strong Balanced Effects
Ice Breaker thumbnail

Ice Breaker

Ice Breaker is Real Party Weed!

If you're tired of spending hours on the couch - alone - this is the feminized seed you've been looking for. It'll take the edge off your anxiety & give you the confidence to mix it up a bit.

  • Uplifting & Clear - Very Social
  • Big Yields - 8.5 Weeks of Finish Required
Knockout thumbnail


Knockout Kicks Tolerance in the Ass!

Knockout is the strongest seed on the planet. Don't believe us? Look it up for yourself in your handy dandy Guinness Book of Weed Records. It's in there - we sh*t you not!

  • Finishes in 6 Weeks - But Much Better at 9!
  • Fierce Power - A Hardcore Heavyweight
Northern High Lights thumbnail

Northern High Lights

Northern High Lights - The Best Indoor Seed Ever!

Original NL is awesome, but Northern High Lights is awesome to the nth degree! If you're too stoned to remember that from math class, we'll make it simple - it's way f*cking better.

  • Extremely Fast & Very Easy
  • Generous Power & Impressive Yields
Pineapple Chunk thumbnail

Pineapple Chunk

Say Goodbye Schwag, Hello Tall, Dark & Dank!

Pineapple Chunk was voted the sexiest tropical fruit cannabis seed on the planet. Yes, she's got junk in her trunk, but that means XXXL THC crystals & big, fat nuggs.

  • She'll Turn You Into a Card Carrying Chubby Chaser!
  • High Yields - Fat In All the Right Places
Automatic AK Female thumbnail

Automatic AK Female

Automatic AK Female: A Real Straight Shooter!

Slap a few Automatic AK Female Seeds in your holster for a quick draw like you wouldn't believe. These hotties deliver high-caliber smoke in just 65 days or less from tiny little bean.

  • Explosive Yields & A Killer Power Rating
  • A True Next-Gen Auto with Legendary AK-47 Genetics
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Advanced Female Seeds - extremely High Yield & Connoisseur Product !

This exclusive set of hardcore cannabis seeds shoots right past premium to create a whole new category of their very own. Created through extensive selection & breeding programs, fully tested in every way possible & pushed through a continuing reevaluation and refinement process, fierce Advanced Female Seeds are the Rolexes, the Maseratis & the Louis Vuittons of the weed world!

  • 100% Quality & Full-Blown Automatics
  • Top-Rated Power, Mega Yields & Intense, Full-Bodied Flavour

So what makes Advanced Female Seeds so hot they can turn a green banana into a flame-thrower with a single glance? They're most recent claim to fame includes Automatic AK Female, the most exhilarating fully autoflowering AK-47 on the market today. If you can only have high-powered weed seed, this is it!

Advanced Female Seeds has more than earned The Gorilla's top recommendation, but this site is filled to the bursting point with amazing breeders & shockingly good regular, feminized & autoflowering seeds. We think you'll love Advanced Female Seeds, but if you don't, browse around for a bit. You're guaranteed to find something that flips your lid like a stick of THC-enriched dynamite!

Push Past the Edge of Reason with Advanced Female Seeds - Buy 'em at Gorilla!

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