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Autoflower Haze thumbnail

Autoflower Haze

A Hard-Hitting Automatic Sativa

To create this high-yielding powerhouse, The Bulldog Seeds combined an extra-fast Ruderalis with a mind-numbing Haze. Autoflower Haze is dense, gorgeous & packed with frost. Buy now!

  • Finishes in a Mere 9 to 10 Weeks from Seed
  • Sativa Dominant with XL Yields
Blue Dream thumbnail

Blue Dream

Sweet, Fruity Sativa - Highly Popular!

Blue Dream has been a West Coast fave for years thanks to a tantalizing fruit flavour & Sativa head high that slowly melts into a relaxing, full-body stone. Brilliant!

  • Blueberry X Haze
  • Long Lasting - About 4 Hours
Bubblegum Kush thumbnail

Bubblegum Kush

Fast, Potent & Highly Medicinal

The one & only Bubblegum Kush fuses two of the best medicinal strains into one amazing combination with fast finishes & 18% THC. Feel a bug coming on?

  • 80% Indica with an 8-Week Finish
  • Equally Good Indoors or Out
Bullshark thumbnail


Got What It Takes To Swim with Bullshark?

Jump right in - the water is fine! Bullshark's got a strong bite, but she'll leave you intact - just really, really stoned. Smooth, fat & unforgettable, this feminized seed is a killer!

Citral Skunk thumbnail

Citral Skunk

Smooth & Mellow with a Skunk Kick!

With Citral Skunk, nothing but deep, physical stones await. This is a hardcore medicinal strain with a very impressive 19.15% THC & yields that go all the way to 700 gr/m2!

  • Distinctive Herbal Flavour with Bright Notes of Skunk
  • 9 Weeks of Finish - Mid October Outside
Energy Haze thumbnail

Energy Haze

Need a Little Get Up & Go?

Look no further than Energy Haze! At 70% Sativa, this Northern Light X Kali Mist blend provides just the right amount of stimulation & motivation without making you tweak.

  • Clean, Crisp & Crystal Clear
  • Large & Dense - Very Sticky
Fast Ryder I thumbnail

Fast Ryder I

Short, Fast & Strong as a Bulldog!

If you're looking for autoflowering seeds with bite, look no further than Fast Ryder I. It's mostly Indica from The Bulldog Seeds' strongest strain so you know what that means!

  • Impressive Yields & High THC
  • Mostly Indica for Lasting Body Stones
Fast Ryder II thumbnail

Fast Ryder II

Zoom Down the Fast Lane!

To create this fruit-flavoured autoflowering seed, The Bulldog Seeds crossed Afghan genetics with Fast Ryder I for dense, rock-hard buds and an oh-so-sweet flavour.

  • Finishes in 7 Weeks from Seed
  • 80% Sativa - Elegant & Cerebral
Jack Herer thumbnail

Jack Herer

No 1 For Potent MMJ

When it comes to genuine medical marijuana seeds, nothing comes close to Dutch-bred Jack Herer. This legendary strain is sanctioned by Dutch pharmacists.

  • Very Strong & Long Lasting
  • 20.95% THC - 8 Week Finishes - 600 gr/m2
Northern Light thumbnail

Northern Light

The Best Beginner Seed Ever Bred!

There's a good reason everyone recommends Northern Light to the newbies. It's crazy easy & insanely good - exactly what you want for your first time.

  • Up to 19.77% THC & 600 gr/m2 in 8 Weeks of Finish
  • Skunk #1 X Northern Light X El Nino
OZ Kush thumbnail

OZ Kush

Toto, We're Not In Kansas Anymore!

OZ Kush says Amsterdam is way better than anything Over the Rainbow. Get your fill of authentic Dutch genetics with this powerhouse. It's a rare cerebral Indica with a full 19% THC!
  • Medicinal Approved Seeds
  • Kush X Silver Haze
Silver Star Haze thumbnail

Silver Star Haze

Medicinal Quality Sativa

Named after The Bulldogs Seeds Canadian hotel, these 100% feminised, medicinal marvels have a strong, spicy flavour & enough power to spare.
  • 19% THC - Very Strong
  • 10-11 Week Finish
Sour Diesel thumbnail

Sour Diesel

Way Better Than New York City!

Sour Diesel come with the finest cannabis pedigree available. A well groomed NYC Diesel and wisely chosen S.A.G.E make this one of the strongest and tastiest hybrids from The Bulldog Seeds.

  • Long Lasting High
  • NYC Diesel x S.A.G.E
The Bulldog Chronic thumbnail

The Bulldog Chronic

The One & Only!

The Bulldog Chronic is such an iconic strain that it's in a category all by itself. Set your standards as high as they'll go with this impressive weed seed. Order now!

  • THC Levels that Will Stun & Amaze - 20.25% in Lab Tests
  • 700 gr/m2 in 8 Weeks - Woooosh!
The Bulldog Haze thumbnail

The Bulldog Haze

Top Shelf Seeds - Doggie Style

The Bulldog Haze may look cute and cuddly, but these bitches have a serious bite with a knockout THC content and the taste you've come to expect from the top dogs in breeding.

  • 60% Sativa – 40% Indica
  • Medicinally Approved
White Widow thumbnail

White Widow

The Original Sugar-Coated Dream Seed!

White Widow was a real breakthrough & it's still on The Gorilla's top 10 list of awesomeness. If you like yours coated in the thickest resin imaginable, you have to get these seeds!

  • Up to 600 gr/m2 of Fat, Sticky Nuggs
  • 18.75% THC with Long-Lasting Effects
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Who Doesn't Love a Bulldog?

Especially when it's the trademark symbol for the absolute best cannabis seeds on earth! The Bulldog Seeds is the latest brainchild of cannabis entrepreneur extraordinaire Henk de Vries. Good, old Henk is a true pioneer and single-handedly created the Amsterdam weed scene as we know it today by opening the very first coffeeshop way back in 1975. Next time you're in the 'Dam, burn one in Henk's honour! He certainly deserves it.

Soon after opening this groundbreaking establishment, Henk rebranded it "The Bulldog" in honour of his best, four-legged & big-jowled friend Joris. Over the next few decades, this enterprise grew and grew until it included not only 5 different coffeshops but hotels, cafes, bars, and a line of merchandise including smoking paraphanalia and an energy drink. In 2010, The Bulldog conglomerate branched out one more time to create The Bulldog Seeds - and here we are.

  • A True Amsterdam Legend
  • Indicas, Sativas, Mixed Hybrids
  • Proven Power You Can Depend On
  • Low Prices, Fast Delivery, Discreet Shipping

As one of the most well-known and respected cannabis companies in the world, The Bulldog Seeds had the contacts, the experience & the where-with-all to bring together the industry's top breeders to create a fresh & exciting new line of ganja seeds. They spent 5 full years gathering the best genetics on the planet, researching the most efficient combinations and testing the resulting weed seeds until they were refined past the point of perfection to reach an unheard level of brilliance.

The Bulldog Seeds are shockingly good, but this marijuana seed company also has another reputation that's pretty hard to beat: They sell these top-rated genetics for very reasonable (read that as cheap) prices. And The Gorilla has wrestled & wrangled with their top dawg until he's whittled them down even more. If you're looking for the best prices on genuine The Bulldog Seeds products, you'll find them right here, right now!

Why Wait? Grab Your The Bulldog Seeds Beans Today!

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