Way Better than Leaving it up to Lady Luck!

Play the game with 100% feminized seeds & luck won't have anything to do with your next win! Modern Feminized Seed Banks have refined the feminization process until it's bullet-proof. In fact, most of these cannabis seed companies are proud to report near-perfect success rates!

  • The Widest Range of World-Class Genetics
  • Stable, Reliable, Consistent & Dependable - Exactly What You Need!
  • Stringent Breeding, Testing & Quality Control for the Best Results

How do they do it? It's most definitely a trade secret that The Gorilla hasn't been able to bully them out of any of our feminized seed banks so far (he's still working on it), but it involves completely isolated breeding environments, frequent testing & refinement, and quality-control procedures that are so stringent they'd make a drill sergeant cry like a total wuss. No wonder these tiny powerhouses know how to put out like gangbusters!

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Who's Got 100% Feminized Seeds? The Gorilla's Got 100% Feminized Seeds!

And he knows where to get more! The Gorilla has personally vetted each and every breeder and marijuana seed company on our menu of award-winning feminized seed banks so that you can feel all warm & fuzzy when you order these amazing cannabis seeds. But you'll feel even better once you have them in your greedy mitts - you won't believe how much you'll get for so little!

  • State-of-the-Art Feminization Programs
  • Classic Strains & Cutting-Edge Hybrids
  • Medical Seeds & Recreational Powerhouses!
  • High THC, Monster Yields, Extreme Flavours

Today, you can get almost any variety of herb in a 100% feminized seed form. With Gorilla Seeds' international delivery service and super-affordable prices, that means all our monkeys are on the same playing field whether they live in downtown Amsterdam or in the deepest Amazonian rainforest. We service all points except for one. Sorry Bulgaria - no feminized seeds for you!

So what's hot on the feminized seed bank menu? The Gorilla's personal favourite is the small but oh-so-special Feminised Seeds company. Operating out of Spain, these dude's speak awful English, but their ganja seeds (sensimilla seeds to be 100% correct) are top-notch. You won't be disappointed by these babies - or any other female seeds on the Gorilla Seeds' site!

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