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This B**** Is A Stinker!

Paradise Seeds own version of the extremely popular Diesel strain. Acid Seeds are simply a high yielding, Indica Dominant hybrid with overwhelming power, scent and medical buzz.
  • Filter Busting - Medical Strain
  • Fast 65 Days Flowering
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Perfect For Hash - Very Sticky

Check it out Kush lovers. If you like cannabis seeds that are all Kush & nothing but Kush all day, every day, this is a must-buy. Don't miss out!

  • Highlife & Cannabis Cup Winner
  • 75% Indica, 25% Sativa, 18% THC, 450 gr/m2
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Atomical Haze

So Strong, She's Toxic!

Want genuine Haze power but don't have the time? Get Atomical Haze! This Haze Bomb practically explodes with massive yields, mind-blowing power & 9-week finishes.

  • Original Haze X Indian Sativa X Sweet Afghan
  • For Daytime Only - You Will NOT Sleep!
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Auto Acid

Ginormous Spiraling Buds Coated in Trichs

Auto Acid is a fast, Sativa-dominant hybrid that finishes in 75 days inside with massive 400 gr/m2 yields & layer upon layer of sticky trichomes. Awesome!

  • Sour Diesel Flavour & Aroma
  • Strong, Uplifting Effects
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Auto Jack

Get Medical-Grade Jack in 65 Days!

Everyone's favourite MMJ just went fully automatic with Paradise Seeds' Auto Jack. So fast she'll make your head spin, these beans are done in 65 days from pop!

  • 70% Sativa, 30% Indica
  • Carefully Selected Over 5 Generations
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Auto Whiteberry

Dense, Purple & Packed with Goo!

Auto Whiteberry is exactly like the original except for one very important thing: These autoflowering seeds only need 63 days from pop to do the deed!

  • Short & Stealthy - Perfect for Small Spaces
  • 70% Indica with Sweet Berry Flavour
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3 Major Cup Wins in Just 2 Years!

With the titles to back it up, Nebula has a solid reputation as a guaranteed winner with stellar power, amazing yields & a trippy effect that'll keep you coming back for more!

  • Up to 500 gr/m2 or 600 gr/seed
  • Indica/Sativa Hybrid with 60 Day Finishes
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Trippy & Psychedelic

Opium combines Indica speed with a full-blown Sativa high for fast, 60-day results & trippy, psychedelic effects that'll blow your frickin' mind. Not for the weak!

  • 2nd Place for Best Bio at 2006 HTCC
  • 450 gr/m2 Inside, 600+ gr/seed Outside
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Pandora Auto

Meet the Goddess of Automatic Weed Seeds!

If you're ready to chill, there's no better path to relaxation. Pandora Auto Seeds deliver full body stones in just 60 days from seed with practically no effort at all.

  • 90% Indica, 450 gr/m2 Yields, 18% THC
  • Extremely Easy from the Get Go
Vertigo Auto thumbnail

Vertigo Auto

Head Spinning Power!

Paradise Seeds pushes autoflowering genetics to the very limit with their new Vertigo strain. With raging power, THC levels can go all the way to 18%.

  • Full-Blown Yields - 500 gr/m2 Inside
  • Fast Finishes - 60 to 70 Days from Seed
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In Constant Operation Since 1994 & Still Going Strong!

Paradise Seeds has run a successful breeding operation for over a decade & that's practically forever in the cannabis seed trade. This competitive industry has chewed up more would-be breeders than we can count & spit them out like dirty bong water. Why go with a fly-by-night pollen chucker when you can get your marijuana seeds from one of the best there is?

So, what makes Paradise Seeds so great? Here's the short list:

  • Batch Tested with the Best Test Group in Amsterdam
  • Hand Selected to Ensure Only Fresh, Living Weed Seeds are Sold
  • 95% Success Rate - Better than the Industry Standard
  • Bred from 100% Organic Stock to Retain All Trace Elements
  • Totally Secure Propagation Rooms with Pollen Filters for Genetic Purity

Now, that's our kind of breeder! As you can see, the Paradise Seed Company takes every precaution to make sure they maintain the highest level of quality and that you receive the exact product you paid for. Not only that, but they also welcome comments and input from anyone who has something of value. That means if you have a special breeding project of your own, they might just include it next season. Fancy a shiny new High Times Cup with your name on it?

Speaking of Cups, Paradise Seeds guarantees that they sell the exact same cannabis seeds that they used to win so many awards of their own - more than 25 since they started plus a few honourable mentions. If you'd like to try a true champion, The Gorilla recommends Paradise Seeds' Sensi Star, the Seed of the Year for 2003. We have that weed seed plus more for the lowest prices on the net with fast, discreet international shipping. It's a marriage made in … Paradise!

Why Wait? Order Your Genuine Paradise Seeds Today!

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