Why Settle for Anything Less than the Very Best?

The Gorilla doesn't and neither should you! Gorilla Seeds only partners with the world's finest seed banks to ensure you always get top-shelf cannabis seeds that meet or exceed the absolute highest standards of power, stability and reliability. In other words, we only have the good sh*t!

  • Exclusive Network of the World's Best Seed Banks
  • Regular, Feminized and Fully Autoflowering Seeds
  • The Widest Range of Proven Cannabis Strains on the Planet

From the infamous Big Buddha to the epic, legendary and expansive World of Seeds, youll find the widest range of old-school classics and hot new marijuana seeds on the planet when you shop at Gorilla Seeds. In fact, if we don't have it, it ain't worth having!

Gorilla Hot Seeds

Elite Seed Banks You Can Trust!

Proven Results, Extreme Quality, Low Prices!

To make sure that's what you get with each premium cannabis seed, The Gorilla personally investigates every seed bank to make sure they're up to snuff. Unless a breeder can deliver a consistent supply of absolutely brilliant and shockingly unique strains, they won't earn a top spot at Gorilla Seeds.

  • An Interplanetary Mix of Totally Gorilliant Weed Seeds
  • Coffeshop Favourites, Spanish Delicacies and NoCal Fire Strains
  • An Astounding Mix of Indicas, Sativas and Mixed Hybrids

Our brands include an incredibly high percentage of Cannabis Cup winners from High Times to Spannabis to America's new Medical Cups and even a few from the Intergalactic Smokeout. That's right - our partners are so elite they've gathered the attention of alien stoners. Beat that!


  • Coffeeshop Favourite Seed Banks
  • Proven Quality Seed Banks
  • Cannabis Cup Competitors
  • Regular & Feminized Cannabis Seeds
  • Old-School Genetics & Modern Master-pieces
  • An International Mix of Top-Rated Breeders

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