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Prepare for Nuclear Meltdown!

Chernobyl by TGA Subcool Seeds pairs catastrophic power with lime Slurpee flavour & double-stacked trichs for a new strain guaranteed to attract global attention. It's a good one!

  • A Trainwreck/Jack's the Ripper Hybrid
  • Very Fast with Multiple Castle Colas
Marionberry Kush thumbnail

Marionberry Kush

Nearly Addictive at 23.6% THC!

Sweet & fruity with a delightful funk, Marionberry Kush is fast acting, long lasting and bristling with bag appeal. Meet your new Purple people pleaser!

  • Raspberry Kush X Space Queen
  • Near Narcotic Body Buzz - Slight Psychedelic
Jillybean thumbnail


Tastes Like a Creamsicle - 21.9% THC!

Jillybean is absolutely delicious, tasting like Oranges & Vanilla Cream, but it's not for the weak of heart! This candy-flavoured killer is extra potent.

  • High Times Top 10 - Best Medical Sativa
  • Easy to Manicure with Strong, Uplifting Highs
Ace of Spades Regular Seeds thumbnail

Ace of Spades Regular Seeds

Ace of Spades is a very large variety with hearty thick heavy flowers. The outer leaves are a vibrant purple to blue with hints of coloring throughout. Many variations are extremely colorful with traces of pink and magenta. It has a slight berry and sandalwood flavor. The lemon is understated but st…
Agent Orange Regular Seeds thumbnail

Agent Orange Regular Seeds

The smell is amazing with hints of oranges, lemons and the smell of a whiskey sour cocktail. The strain contains pigments that have the ability to turn maroon and purple with cool nights. The buzz is up and motivating and will make you smile. The strain is a very heavy producer yielding large flat t…
Apollo-13 BX Regular Seeds thumbnail

Apollo-13 BX Regular Seeds

Representing thousands of hours of selective breeding TGA proudly offer their first back cross of Apollo-13. Pain staking care was taken in the male selection and the project to locate him took 60 testers and over a year of research. It has a powerful effect yet also invigorating and inspirational. …
Cheese Quake Regular Seeds thumbnail

Cheese Quake Regular Seeds

Both variations of the females are special in their own way as far as flavor is concerned. The Urkle dominant has a grape and musty taste while the Cheese dominant has that unusual cheese smell. …
Conspiracy Kush Regular Seeds thumbnail

Conspiracy Kush Regular Seeds

Conspiracy Kush is a hybrid that is an excellent choice for those who are looking for an indica dominant plant. Most all phenotypes will have a middle of the road structure when it comes to height. When it comes to bud structure, you will be impressed to say the least. This strain contains heavy, d…
Dairy Queen Regular Seeds thumbnail

Dairy Queen Regular Seeds

Very strong with a smell of Sweet Tarts and chewy candy. This strain was released to TGA testers and they could not be happier with the results. It is not for anyone looking for a strain with low odor though everyone reports an incredible funk. This strain has a nice representation of Cheese with th…
Deep Purple Regular Seeds thumbnail

Deep Purple Regular Seeds

The strain produces a wide range of females and not all of them will exhibit colors. The ones that do however are highly sought after and people consider their Purple Grape females among their best Indica strains. Deep Purple is not a huge producer or a fast cannabis seed but it makes up for it in t…
Galactic Jack Regular Seeds thumbnail

Galactic Jack Regular Seeds

This sativa hybrid is truly a special addition to the TGA family. It's their way of passing on, not only a great genetic, but also the memory of an even greater activist to our community, the late Jack Herer. The mother, Jack Herer was gifted back to the Herer family after his passing in late 20…
Jack Skellington Regular Seeds thumbnail

Jack Skellington Regular Seeds

Twelve years ago TGA ran Killer Queen and kept the Cindy Dominant female and they have looked for over a decade for the G-13 phenotype. Once they found this heavy resin producer they crossed it with their Jack the Ripper to combine the citrus taste with the ultimate resin producing plant.Extracts ma…
Jack the Ripper Regular Seeds thumbnail

Jack the Ripper Regular Seeds

A true 8 week Sativa Haze with an incredible lemon smell and heavy resin production. This cannabis seed will produce triangle shaped spear buds that pretty much stopped active calyx growth early and produced copious amounts of resin instead. Resin production was evident from day 12 in 12/12 but real…
Jacks Cleaner 2 Regular Seeds thumbnail

Jacks Cleaner 2 Regular Seeds

The strain has none of the Haze flavor of Jack the Ripper and is a much taller style Sativa with a racing buzz . The taste and smell is 100% lemon with a taste like your mouth is full of citrus, almost like a lemon head candy. …
Jesus OG Regular Seeds thumbnail

Jesus OG Regular Seeds

After 2 years of testing Kush mothers, the Hells OG Cut was by far the best. Combined with the legendary effects of JTR Jesus OG Kush is what TGA Subcool feel a sour Kush should measure up to. Two main phenotypes are dominant, a Lemon scented one containing high levels of Lemonene. The other is very…
Kaboom Regular Seeds thumbnail

Kaboom Regular Seeds

With the creation of Vortex TGA had a new Apollo-13 dominant lines to cross to the F1 Jacks Cleaner mom. The results are a perfect mix of the best traits of both parent strains. Large towering colas dripped in resin almost appear glass coated but carry an additional fruity, semi-rotting smell that B…
Pennywise Regular Seeds thumbnail

Pennywise Regular Seeds

After years of research and testing TGA Subcool have finally developed a hybrid with very high CBD. In over 70% of tested samples the CBD was in the range of 12-15% CBD and equal parts of THC as well. For those patients looking for a High CBD strain with great flavor this is your admission ticket to…
Plushberry Regular Seeds thumbnail

Plushberry Regular Seeds

While this strain has a unique trait of Pink/Magenta Calyxes this was not the motivating factor is the selection process, from the start it was all about taste and smell. The Black Cherry Soda carried a strong Black Berry smell and taste and the goal with this new Kush Hybrid was to use this terpine…
Qleaner Regular Seeds thumbnail

Qleaner Regular Seeds

TGA are very happy with the stability of the strain, the heavy resin production, and the amazing smell and taste they created in this hybrid. The fact that the strain goes purple in the right conditions just adds to its mystique. …
Qrazy Train Regular Seeds thumbnail

Qrazy Train Regular Seeds

The resulting offspring are a match made in heaven with equal traits being passed from both parents. The progeny express the best attributes of both contributing parents. The Space Queen provides an underlying fruit smell that rounds the cross out. The cross matures very fast showing milky resin hea…
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Open Source Breeding Leaves Nothing to Chance!

TGA Subcool Seeds doesn't operate like most breeders. Instead of relying on hype & gimmicks, they've build a rock-solid base of the world's best genetics to create their own exquisitely unique medical marijuana strains. To date, they have 37 distinct blends, each one very different from the last.

Plus, they don't do two or three tests, send a few buds to a lab, publish the results if they like them and call it a day. TGA Subcool believes in Open Source Breeding, where they share every big of information that they can about their new marijuana seeds, plus they encourage their loyal fan base to send in their results as well. It's no wonder this is a forum favourite - every single bean has been tested by hundreds, if not thousands, of every day folk!

Time is not a factor at TGA Genetics! If it takes 10 years to perfect a ganja seeds, this crew will take those 10 years. There is no rushing to market just to make a little cash at the expense of their customers. As a result, each and every cannabis seed is a study in perfection, a veritable work of weed art, that performs exactly as described. The aromas are incredible and very strong, the flavours are intense and very individual, and the resin is, according to TGA, double stacked!

If the Subcool name sounds familiar, it should. This dude is all over the net as well as in print sharing his knowledge freely. From his Super Soil recipe to a variety of other tips to help you dial it in, this is one of the most experienced members of the cannabis community, bar none. Pair him up with his side-kick MzJill, The Weed Nerds & The Green Avengers and what do you get? TGA Genetics!

The Gorilla might not have all those way-cool nicknames for the little monkeys who run the Gorilla Seeds warehouse, but that's because he's too busy kicking ass to make sure he can bring you the lowest prices on the widest selection of cannabis seeds on this planet or any other. Join him in welcoming TGA Subcool Seeds to the fold!

Get Your Genuine TGA Subcool Seeds Today - 1000's of Online Reports Can't Be Wrong!

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