The Next Step on the Evolutionary Ladder!

Today's Autoflowering Seed Banks have amped up their breeding programs to create fully automatic cannabis seeds that perform just as well, if not better, than their photoperiod sisters with a few very important differences - they're much easier & way faster. You could go from pop to pluck in under 2 months total - unbelievable but oh-so-true!

  • Unbelievably Fast - They Go Straight to the Finish Line!
  • Very Easy & Economical - No Seasonal Lighting Changes Required
  • Perfect for Stealth - Check Out Our Autoflowering Dwarves!

So, how do they do it? Again, that's a trade secret that even The Gorilla can't squeeze out of this tight-lipped crew, but it involves proprietary autoflowering genetics that these seed banks have tested & refined for too many generations to count. Each one is a little different but truly outstanding in its own way. Whether you go with an original Lowryder or one of the nuclear-strength Bomb Seeds, you'll be shocked by just how good these babies really are!

These Autoflowering Seed Banks Rock - Buy Yours Now!

The Best Automatic Genetics Come From The Best Autoflowering Seed Banks!

Start off with the right raw materials & make your wildest dreams come true! Top-quality autoflowering seeds from the world's leading Autoflowering Seed Banks are so fast & so easy that they make the most inexperienced wanna-be look like they cut their teeth on weed seeds. These babies explode on cue - just like the THC-fueled super robots they are!

  • Practically Every Strain is Now Available as a Full Automatic!
  • Just as Strong, Just as Generous & Just as Tasty as Photoperiod Seeds
  • Sacrifice & Compromise Just Got Swept Off the Table!

Not sure what to choose? The Gorilla is partial to the super-sweet delights of Feminised Seeds' Blue Treacle Automatic, but the rest of the team loves the reliability of the Auto Seeds collection. On the other hand, the customer is never wrong, and we sell more Auto AK-47's than all other Autofems combined - your only problem will be deciding which one to buy!

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