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Big Buddha Blue Cheese feminized

Everybody loves the unmistakeable UK Cheese taste and power, now it’s time to try the already famous Big Buddha Blue Cheese. An amazing electric blue with super fruity flavour, it still has the high-quality stink and astounding power of the original UK Cheese but with an added ripe blueberry taste and look – buy yours here!
Blue Cheese thumbnail

Blue Cheese

Super Stinky Filter Buster

Don't say we didn't warn you when this heavy Indica knocks you flat on your ass! Blue Cheese is a real killer with intense flavour & scent plus an insane 20% THC rating!

  • Sweet Blueberry Meets Stinky Cheese
  • A Barney's Farm Top Seller - Very Popular
Blue Cheese thumbnail

Blue Cheese

If Blue Cheese has a superiority complex, it’s only because she has a prominent pedigree. Her parents are the world-renowned Cheese & the ever exquisite Blueberry. With such a high-flying background, who could blame Blue Cheese for feeling self-important? Plus, this feminized Indica is smooth & easy… in a sophisticated sort of way, of course. Sit back & let her soothe you!
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Blue Cheese Auto

Big Buddha’s Blue Cheese is virtually identical to the original photoperiod strain with the same intense Blueberry Skunk taste and smell, the same power and the same long lasting buzz of her big sister. Of course, it's still got the massive yields and that shocking blue hue that made this seed the UK’s best ever selling cheese strain. There’s nothing more to say, buy yours now!
Blue Cheese Auto thumbnail

Blue Cheese Auto

This ain’t your Daddy’s Blue Cheese/Ruderalis hybrid! DinaFem crossed their best Cheese Auto with a brand new Auto Blueberry to delivery this original genetic mix. Blue Cheese Auto Cannabis Seeds taste more like Cheese & smell more like Blueberry, but there are hints of both at every turn!

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Combining the Best Parts of Blueberry & Cheese for an Unbeatable Combination!

Blue Cheese is arguably the best example of hybrid perfection we've ever seen. This mix combines two legends, keeps the best traits of each, and somehow amplifies every feature in a synergistic fit of breeding genius! Think pungent Cheese aromas paired with big, round buds, Blueberry's lush flavours and truly satisfying yields.

  • Intense Fruit Flavour & Extremely Strong Aromas
  • Highly Potent, But Not Very Stealthy
  • Blueberry-Dominant is the Best Pheno!

Each Blue Cheese Cannabis Seed contains the genetic formula required to deliver a curiously strong end result thanks to a very generous power rating. In almost every case, independent testing has found that this hybrid serves up 20% THC at a minimum regardless of experience level. She's is a smart choice for any & all collectors!

The best place to buy your Blue Cheese Seeds? Gorilla Seeds, of course! We have the most popular strains including award-winning varieties from Big Buddha Seeds and Barney's Farm in both photoperiod and autoflowering formats. Plus, our prices are the lowest on the net and we've got the fastest, friendliest customer service you'll find anywhere. Sold, yet?

Buy Your Blue Cheese Seeds Now - No One's Got Better Deals!

NB: The Internet is filled with Blue Cheese grows. Satisfy your curiosity there & keep your new pack of cannabis seeds safely dry & dormant for your own safety. Anything else is against the law in the UK & against the Gorilla Seeds TOS!

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