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Auto Massassin thumbnail

Auto Massassin

450 gr/m2 & 20% THC - Killer!

CMC's own Monster Mass & Big Bud Auto combine perfectly with Original AK-47 to bring you a wicked-good AutoFem with heavyweight power.

  • Finishes in 55 Days from Seed
  • Smooth Lemon-Candy Flavour
Auto Masszar thumbnail

Auto Masszar

65-Day Mazar with 550 gr/m2 Yields!

CMC makes medical-grade Mazar extra easy, plenty big & incredibly strong with this new AutoFem. Plus, she's got that irresistible Skunk Funk!

  • Super Dank with 19% THC
  • Tastes Like Sweet Vanilla & Hash
Monster Mass thumbnail

Monster Mass

A Real Beast - 900 gr/seed with 20% THC!

Monster Mass has more than earned her name! Yields are a beastly 900 gr/seed outside & 800 gr/m2 inside with fast finishes & astounding THC.

  • Fast, Fruity & Very Hardy
  • Finishes in 45 to 50 Days Inside
Psychotropic Mass thumbnail

Psychotropic Mass

6.5% CBD to 6.5% THC - Medicinal!

The Critical Mass Collective designed this high-CBD strain specifically for medical marijuana fans. She's very relaxing with sophisticated flavours & aromas.

  • Up to 650 gr/seed Outside, 550 gr/m2 Inside
  • Dense & Compact with Lots of Crystals
Purple Skunk Mass thumbnail

Purple Skunk Mass

Sweet Grape Stink with 22% THC

Purple Skunk Mass is an electrifying Sativa with strong, euphoric highs that'll get your lazy ass up & moving better than a swift kick in the bum

  • Up to 850 gr/seed Outside, 700 gr/m2 Inside
  • Rocky, Resinous & Righteously Dank!
Auto Anonymass thumbnail

Auto Anonymass

Pair those numbers with No Name's incredible density & intense but comfortable highs and this is one bad-ass AutoFem!

  • Intoxicating Aroma -Vanilla, Banana & Sweet Lemon
  • Dark & Light Greens with Gold & Orange Flecks
Auto Mendo Mass thumbnail

Auto Mendo Mass

Super Producer with Full-Bodied Flavour

With 19% THC, Auto Mendo Mass is one of the strongest Purple AutoFems on the market today! Potency aside, you'd love this amazing hybrid for her sweet grape and berry flavours alone.

  • Up to 550 gr/m2 Inside, 170 gr/seed Outside
  • Monster Mass X Mendocino Purple X Big Bud Auto
Auto Monster Mass thumbnail

Auto Monster Mass

Just Like Big Mama, Only Way Faster!

Auto Monster Mass compares well to her photoperiod mom with up to 20% THC & whopping 800 gr/m2 yields in 80 days or less from seed. Killer!

  • Monster Mass X Big Bud Auto
  • 3 Phenos - Green, Purple or Blue
Auto Purple Skunk Mass thumbnail

Auto Purple Skunk Mass

Intense Colour & Aroma - 18% THC!

In just 60 days or less from seed, Auto Purple Skunk Mass is capable of producing up to 600 gr/m2 of green, purple & turquoise buds that ooze with quality & burst with hard-hitting Indica stones. Yes, sir!

  • Smell: Hash, Licorice, Grape & Lavender
  • Taste: Hash, Citrus, Passion Fruit & Caramel
Auto Sour Melon Mass thumbnail

Auto Sour Melon Mass

Sweet & Sour with Fruity Notes & 20% THC!

Decked out in honey-dew green with an aroma to match, this AutoFem packs a powerful, paranoia free punch that hits the mind and the body with equal force.

  • Monster Mass X Sensi Star X Big Bud Auto
  • Up to 670 gr/m2 Inside, 100-180 gr/seed Outside
Moonshine Mass thumbnail

Moonshine Mass

Pure Intoxication - 100 Proof!

Not only is Moonshine Mass an intoxicating daytime strain with long-lasting, energetic highs, she tastes & smells like a gin & tonic with a lemon twist topped off with just a hint of Haze. Delish!

  • Extremely Potent with 22% THC
  • Fast for a Sativa - 60 to 65 Days Inside
Purple Dawg Mass thumbnail

Purple Dawg Mass

CMC really outdid themselves with Purple Dawg Mass! This greasy commercial yielder still reaches 25% THC while pumping out up to 650 gr/m2 inside. Outdoors, the sky is the literal limit. There are three delicious flavour profiles with this Indica, but the third and rarest is the best. It'll smell like sh*t, but the taste is divine and the potency is without compare. Smell deep, and if you feel like you're gonna puke, that's the one!
Super Mutant Mass thumbnail

Super Mutant Mass

Skunk, Honey & Caramel - 20% THC!

20% THC is nothing to sneeze at, but it's hard to beat 900 gr/seed yields and Skunk flavour mixed with honey & caramel. We honestly can't decide what we love most about Super Mutant Mass!

  • Balanced Hard Hitter with Mental Focus
  • Swollen Calyxes Ooze with Grease & Oils
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The Critical Mass Collective Covers all Their Bases!

Leaving nothing to chance, Critical Lee & the Critical Mass Collective have created a multi-point plan that covers every single aspect required to make their breeding program exceptional and to ensure that you receive the freshest, most viable cannabis seeds on earth. Exactly what do they do differently? Let's take a look!

First, Critical Lee has shared his Monster Mass Strain with both online & offline friends since 2002. This generosity allows him to build a vast network of experienced breeders with one of the most diverse gene pools on the planet. All breeders involved in the Critical Mass Collective share a common love of the Critical Mass Strain and, combined, they have more than 100 years of breeding experience.

  • Improved Critical Mass Hybrids
  • Small Batch Breeding to Ensure Freshness
  • Fully Tested with Outstanding Quality Control
  • 100% Organic - All Mothers Fed with AACTs

Does that mean Critical Lee lets just any pollen chucker contaminate the Critical Mass Collective gene pool? Hell no! To become an official "Critical Lee Acclaimed" strain, each & every prospective hybrid must be tested, retested & then tested some more, delivering consistently high marks in every single category, multiple times, in a variety of environments, and with testers of all experience levels. When a new marijuana seed finally gets her shiny new CMC membership card, you can practically hear the weed angels sing! In other words, she's virtually bullet proof.

All Critical Mass Collective Ganja Seeds are propagated in an all-organic environment using AACTs (actively aerated compost teas). Critical Lee believes this method makes for the healthiest mothers & the plumpest, most viable weed seeds, whether they're 100% feminized seeds or fully automatic - and he recommends that all his loyal fans use AACTs as well. It's good for you, it's good for your seeds & it's good for the planet!

Once each Critical Mass Collective Seed is fully ripe & carefully plucked from the mother, they're kept in a temperature and humidity controlled vault for a short period of time before they're carefully selected and packed by hand. This level of dedication ensures each cannabis seed sold is Grade A and completely free of defects. Packaging is second to none - sterile, pyrogen-free polypropylene vials with protective padding and silica desiccants to prevent damage & control moisture levels.

The Critical Mass Collective even includes serial numbers to uniquely identify each vial so that they can track your next set of cannabis seeds back to the original batch if necessary.

So, what could possibly make Critical Mass Collective Seeds any better? How about the extra low prices & friendly customer service that you'll receive when you place your order these bad-ass beans from Gorilla Seeds!

Order Your Critical Mass Collective Seeds Today - They're Brilliant!

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