Shark Shock CBD
The Original, Award-Winning Shark Shock Just Got Her Medical Degree!

Shark Shock CBD

These Seeds Bite Pain Right in the Ass!

According to Dinafem, Shark Shock CBD's got the power to cure what ails you including eating disorders, sleep problems, bad moods & …. Wait for it …. Physical pain! That's right - this is the one you've been looking for with a perfectly even 6% THC to 6% CBD ratio for the ultimate in therapeutic power. And, it ain't too shabby for mild recreation either. Get yours today!
  • 100% Feminized Seeds
  • Max Medical Power
  • 6% THC - 6% CBD
  • Fast, Compact, Easy
  • Award-Winning Genetics

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Shark Shock CBD - Now Accepting New Patients!


The demand for true medical marijuana seeds is on the rise & Dinafem has answered with Shark Shock CBD! They reworked the Cup-winning Shark Shock strain into a therapeutic wonder thanks to an amazing CBD Crew male. With this blend, the CBD & THC are perfectly matched averaging about 6% each for the ultimate in medical benefits - this is the one you've been searching for!


  • Shark Shock CBD Finishes in About 55 Days
  • Genuine CBD Crew Genetics
  • General Purpose Medicinal Strain
  • Up to 500 gr/m2 Inside; 900 gr/seed Outside

Shark Shock CBD Seeds are 80% Indica for a relaxing effect that's mostly physical (but never heavy or couchlocking) with just a touch of mental lift - no nervousness, no jitters, no paranoia. 

Easy enough for the most inexperienced collector, these 100% feminized seeds are fast & vigorous with a compact structure that stays small enough for just about any space. The resin is thick on this White strain, the flavour is bittersweet & the aroma is a touch savory with notes of garlic.

Medical costs keep going up every year - unless you're shopping at Gorilla Seeds! The Gorilla takes 20% off all cannabis seeds on our site as long as you don't pay with plastic. Who needs the NHS or Obamacare when that deal's on the table? Get your Shark Shock CBD Feminized Seeds today & save big!

Grab Your Shark Shock CBD Now - You Know You Want To!


NB: Don't even attempt a Shark Shock CBD grow - that would be illegal & a prison term would be bad for your health. Gorilla Seeds sells all products for souvenir & collectible use only. Just saying.


Cannabis Genetics?
Shark Shock X CBD Crew Male
Flowering Outdoors?
Middle of October
Flowering Time?
8-9 weeks
THC notes?
Medical Cannabis Info?
Pain, Depression, Appetite
Height Info?
Sativa / Indica ratio?
80% Indica/20% Sativa
Mainly Indica?
Bittersweet with Notes of Garlic
Indoor Yield?
Up To 500 gr/m2
Outdoor Yield?
600 to 900 gr/seed

Shark Shock CBD is a fast, Indica-dominant medical seed that's compact & easy with copious amounts of resin. The buds are large, but the structure itself stays well within the small to medium range making this an outstanding choice for small spaces. Outdoors, keep them dry & warm - or safely within a greenhouse.

The effects are pleasantly relaxing thanks to a 6% THC to 6% CBD ratio, mostly physical with just a hint of head high. Shark Shock CBD tastes bittersweet and smells the same with an added touch of garlic. Yields are generous reach up to 500 gr/m2 inside or up to 900 gr/seed outside. What you waiting for? Order today!

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