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Blackberry OG

80% Indica, Tight Nodes, Berry Flavours!

Blackberry OG is a delectable mix of Black Domina, Very Berry & Lost Coast OG with knockout, medical-grade stones & sugary aromas.

  • Dense, Tightly Packed Colas
  • Mould & Mildew Resistant
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Premium Cannabis Seeds Directly from the 40th Parallel!

What's so special about the 40th parallel? That little imaginary line runs directly through the Emerald Triangle in Northern California, then keeps on getting it right around the globe until it hits the Middle East, from which the absolute best landrace strains originate. That makes the Emerald Triangle a veritable Garden of Eden when it comes to fantastically good cannabis seeds!

In addition to their location, the Emerald Triangle Seed Company lucked out by being right in the middle of one of the most supportive cannabis communities on Earth. Once famous for a high concentration of hippy communes and other alternative lifestyle choices, ET's neighbors still value extremely good herb above all else & they're very generous with their genetics. Chalk up advantage #2 for Emerald Triangle Cannabis Seeds!

  • Regular, Feminized & Fully Autoflowering
  • Based on Famous, Highly Sought-After Stock
  • Breeding for More than 20 Years!
  • Fully Tested & 100% Organic - All-Natural Techniques

Next, Emerald Triangle Seeds are bred by one of the most experience teams there is. These ladies & gents have over 20 years of experience wrangling weed seeds, and they know how to get the most out of a fully organic, all-natural set-up. For testing, they don't pop a couple of beans & call it a day. They hand them out to the best hobbyists & professionals they know so that they get lots & lots of feedback in addition to lab testing. Way to go, guys!

Finally, the Emerald Triangle Seed Crew knows what they're good at & they stick to it. That's why their regular seeds are bred in-house right on the weed-centric West Coast, but they let the foremost European experts turn their breeding stock into 100% feminized seeds as well as fulfilling their needs for a new fully autoflowering seed line. And, as the old saying goes, the proof is in the pudding, and this, my friends, is the best pudding we've ever toked!

Do Yourself a Favour & Stock Up On Genuine Emerald Triangle Seeds - No One's Cheaper!

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