The Gorilla Story

Gather 'Round, Light Up & Listen' My Friends...

To go from King of the Jungle to King of Cannabis Seeds, The Gorilla ventured far & wide from his native land soaking up knowledge like a sponge until he could learn no more. Finally, this THC-hungry beast settled down in the UK to open a new kind of online seed shop- one that cares more about its loyal customers than getting rich.

To that end, The Gorilla (Alex) plans to offer a virtually unlimited selection of the best cannabis seeds from the best Seed Banks at the lowest prices (at least 10% lower) with fast, discreet delivery, friendly, helpful customer service & the best set of freebies on the planet. It's a dirty job, but somebody has to do it!

We've set the bar as high as it goes (absolute perfection) so stand back & watch as we continually improve the Gorilla Seeds' shopping experience. Some of our plans include adding new weed seeds on a daily basis, dropping prices at every opportunity & switching up our awesome set of free cannabis seeds so that our most loyal customers never get bored.

Continual communication is a key part of the Gorilla Seeds' difference. In addition to e-mail overload during the ordering process, you can reach out to the Gorilla team through email, phone, the Gorilla contact page, our blog, Facebook, Twitter, and cannabis-related forums. Did we mention we like to talk about our cannabis seeds - a lot?

Want to know more? Check out this play-by-play of Gorilla Seeds' history:


Jan 2009 - March 2011

Alex (founder of Gorilla) has been ordering seeds from a number of major online seed banks and gets a vision about offering customers a far superior experience, service and offer.


March 2011

Alex launches the Gorilla Seed Bank. The seed market can never be the same again.

Dec 2011

The Gorilla gets social and kicks off:

Gorilla Facebook
Gorilla Twitter
The Gorilla Blog


Jan 2012

5 Major Seed Banks acquired:
Big Buddha
Dutch Passion
Green House Seeds
Female Seeds
Feminised Seeds

Dec 2012

Gorilla gets sponsorship from High Times. After months of negotiation, kidnapping & gang warfare, the advertising director @hightimes, 'Rick', finally gives in and agrees to sponsor The Gorilla Seedbank. 


March 2013

16 Major Seed Banks acquired

April 2013

The Gorilla goes barmy and gives away a love pack with every order. 


July 2013

Gorilla FB ereaches 600 fans and starts rapidly growing.


July 2013

Gorilla starts work on a NEW website This one's guaranteed to be nothing but awesome. Our Gorilla certainly know's how to pull of a serious site and he's putting everything he's got into this one.


August 2013

Zombie ModeBrain-starved zombies stormed the Gorilla Seedbank. Instead of handing over the gray matter they demanded from our packers, The Gorilla agreed to slash the prices on some of our most popular seeds by as much as 50% and sent those ghouls away red-eyed & totally satisfied. 

December 2013

We added 33 new seed banks to the Gorilla family including breeders from America, Spain & The Netherlands.


January 2014

About Us gets a "proper ugly" remake!

March 2014

The Gorilla spent the entire month creating a lush VIP room for his loyal customers. Next time you order, join up & settle in. The sofas are extra lush & the munchies are all top notch!


June 2014

After a marathon of seed comps, The Gorilla was nearly brain-dead & completely out of fresh ideas - until inspiration struck and he pimped out his wife. Who wouldn't want a night of sexy time with Mrs Gorilla? 

December 2014

To create the biggest cannabis seed giveaway the world has ever seen, The Gorilla created an advent-style promotion just in time for Christmas by adding new swag from the biggest names in the biz each day until the free seeds added up to 365 & the fanbase reach totaled an insane 7078!


January 2015

The Gorilla went trolling for more world-class breeders once again & snagged 47 more including G13 Labs, Archive Seeds, Positronics and True Canna Genetics!

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