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Joint Doctor Blue Ryder Regular thumbnail

Blue Ryder Regular


Joint Doctor Diesel Ryder Regular thumbnail

Diesel Ryder Regular


Joint Doctor Chronic Ryder Feminized thumbnail

Joint Doctor Chronic Ryder Feminized

The Joint Doctor turned the original knockout Chronic into a fully autoflowering seed that produces a lot of weight for such a small girl. Pack your space or go outdoors. Whatever you choose, this high quality bud factory from Joint Doctor will delight you in only 6 weeks.
Joint Doctor Diesel Ryder Feminized thumbnail

Joint Doctor Diesel Ryder Feminized

The wait is finally over! Joint Doctor has created yet another autoflowering masterpiece. By forging together Soma’s New York City Diesel and Lowryder #2, this elite breeder has shaped Diesel Ryder Auto into an extremely potent and tasty 9-week hybrid.
Easy ryder thumbnail

Joint Doctor Easy Ryder Feminized

The hard work has been done. The Joint Doctor has stabilised this fast, high yielding automatic flowering strain to produce the best yields with minimal effort. Easy!
Joint Doctor Lowryder #1 Feminized thumbnail

Joint Doctor Lowryder #1 Feminized


Joint Doctor Lowryder #2 Feminized thumbnail

Joint Doctor Lowryder #2 Feminized

The Joint Doctor really took his time with this one! To create an even better autoflowering seed compared to the Original Lowryder, this elite breeder selected the best phenotypes over three generations of selective breeding - keeping the best genetics from Santa Maria & maintaining the original characteristics of the ever-popular Lowryder. The new & improved Lowryder #2 is finally here with bigger yields, more flavour and higher resin production.
Joint Doctor Lowryder Mix Feminized thumbnail

Joint Doctor Lowryder Mix Feminized

Joint Doctor is aware that choosing the right, high quality, automatic cannabis seed is a difficult choice, so to make the decision easier, they have created the Lowryder Mix Pack by handpicking the best of Joint Doctor’s top 100% feminised strains - so you don’t have to.
Joint Doctor Lowryder #1 Regular thumbnail

Lowryder #1 Regular


Joint Doctor Lowryder #2 Regular thumbnail

Lowryder #2 Regular


With Lowryder #2, Joint Doctor takes the Original Lowryder to the next level. Strength, flavour and yield have all been advanced by choosing the best phenotypes over three generations, selecting the high resin production, the excellent high and taste from Santa Maria genetics while keeping the original Lowryder characteristics that made it a bestseller.

Joint Doctor Lowryder Mix Regular thumbnail

Lowryder Mix Regular

Joint Doctor knows that variety is the spice of life and keeping with the cliché, they have an ace in the hole with this regular mix pack of Lowryder seeds. Every pack contains a top quality mix of 100% autoflowering seeds and as you sow, so shall you reap from the best quality auto seed breeders known to man, as I live and breathe!

Joint Doctor Purple Ryder | The New Purple Auto Beauty  thumbnail

Purple Ryder

These seeds are so good they named them twice, Joint Doctor’s Purple Ryder A.K.A Purple Jems - bred by the legendary underground breeder Mossy. These fully autoflowering royal purple nuggets aren’t just great to stare at, they are completely covered in a satisfyingly sticky amount of resin.
Joint Doctor Purple Ryder Regular thumbnail

Purple Ryder Regular

These new Purple Ryder regular seeds are also known as Purple JEMS. Bred by Mossy, the famous underground breeder collaborating with Joint Doctor, they have taken the art of the auto to the next level. Fully autoflowering, their beautiful purple buds aren’t just amazing to look at but heavily laden with quality, tasty resin.

The Ogre  thumbnail

The Ogre

The Ogre, the largest autoflowering cannabis seed available to man, was bred in the U.S. with Joint Doctor and SGS. This exclusive Sativa-dominant auto has an accelerated growth pattern that allows an autoflowering strain to flourish in height and width with oversized yields for the first time.
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Ready to Start Your Fully Automatic Adventure?

Start off on the right foot with the best autoflowering genetics the world has to offer! The Joint Doctor is the original creator of the one & only Lowryder - the Auto that every other breeder tries to copy. Why go with a pale imitation when you can get the real thing?

  • Home of the One & Only Lowryder
  • Low-Profile Seeds for the Utmost Discretion
  • Fast, Easy & Beginner Friendly

Stealth is the name of the game when you play with the Joint Doctor! His self-proclaimed high-bred cannabis seeds are sneaky little monsters that fit perfectly on patios, in closets & even inside empty computer shells. Lack of space is no longer a valid excuse!

If you prefer regular seeds over feminized, you're in luck. The Joint Doctor is one of the few breeders that still offers autoflowering seeds in both forms. And, while the original Lowryder #1 is great & Lowryder #2 is even better, you can't beat the Lowryder Mix Pack. The price is most definitely right, and you'll get to try a wide range of these magnificent Autos.

No matter what you choose, you'll get the best deal going at Gorilla Seeds. The Gorilla is hell-bent on supplying the best brand-name genetics at the lowest prices (10% lower in most cases than his greedy competition). Toss in free marijuana seeds, fast shipping, discreet packaging & friendly customer service & this is something you don't want to miss! Order now!

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