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1024 Feminised Seeds

Medical Seeds 1024 is 70% Sativa and 30% Indica. 1024 combines all; taste, production, presence, it is the perfect weed seed. It's indoor start period is 2-3 weeks and its indoor flowering period is 75-80 days. Outdoor finish is mid October. It's THC is strong between 20%- 25%. If conditions…
2046 Feminised Seeds thumbnail

2046 Feminized Seeds

Medical Seeds 2046 was selected for its incredible psychedelic power and its indisputable haze aroma. It is 100% pure haze. 2046 is the variety of Medical Seeds most powerful bank. Patience is needed with this lady, but reward comes after 120 days. Indoor production is 500gr. per m2 . It can be dif…
Bluehell Feminised Seeds thumbnail

Bluehell Feminised Seeds

Medical Marijuana Seeds Bluehell was created from original DJ Short Blueberry seeds, selected for their production and flavour, with aromas of forest fruits (blueberry, raspberry, blackberry, etc.). One of the best rates available. High concentrations of CBD, and moderate percentage of THC. Ideal fo…
Canadian Kush Feminised Seeds thumbnail

Canadian Kush Feminised Seeds

This ganja seed is a cross between Purple Kush from California by a Special K from Canada. Particularly versatile weed seed that gives really good results both indoors and outdoors. It is suitable for spaces with limited height. Its leaves are short and wide with a classic Indica pattern and usually…
Channel + Feminised Seeds thumbnail

Channel + Feminised Seeds

Medical Seeds Channel + boasts an enormous aroma and amazing bouquet, perfect for SCROG cultivation. Medical Seeds Channel + looks like a Sativa, thin and without many leaves. When flowering it gets taller but keeps a compact shape, as an Indica. Very fast (45 to 50 days), and suitable for all kind …
Collection 1 Feminised Seeds thumbnail

Collection 1 Feminised Seeds

This collection consists of the following seeds:2 Seeds of PROZACK, 2 Seeds of SOUR DIESEL, 2 Seeds of CHANNEL + …
Collection 2 Feminised Seeds thumbnail

Collection 2 Feminised Seeds

This collection consists of the following strains:2 Seeds of 1024, 2 Seeds of 2046, 2 Seeds of Jack La Mota …
Collection 4 Feminised Seeds thumbnail

Collection 4 Feminised Seeds

This collection consists of the following strains:2 Seeds of No Name, 2 Seeds of Malakoff, 2 Seeds of Devil Fruit …
Jack La Mota Feminised Seeds thumbnail

Jack La Mota Feminised Seeds

Medical Seeds Jack la Mota is possibly the most famous variety in the international cannabis scene. Jack La Mota is 25% Indica and 75% sativa. It was created in honor of the pro-known activist Jack Herer. Ideal for SCROG Jack La Mota produces many buds and compact with an intense aroma of incense th…
Malakoff Feminised Seeds thumbnail

Malakoff Feminised Seeds

Medical Seeds Malakoff Feminised is a new exciting variety that cannot be overlooked because of it's short flowering. Malakoff is not suitable for beginners because if you get a bit distracted, or the weed seed is stressed at the beginning of flowering, it tends to spin out of control and also c…
Mendocino Purple Kush Feminised Seeds thumbnail

Mendocino Purple Kush Feminised Seeds

This cannabis seed is a cross between 2 mythic strains brought from Canada as the Mendocino Purple, known as well as ¨Mendocino Purps¨ or ¨Purps¨, originally from Mendocino, a county from Humboldt (California) and the Purple Kush, very famous, not only for its high narcotic effect bu…
No Name Feminised Seeds thumbnail

No Name Feminised Seeds

Medical Seeds No Name Feminised has a Sativa structure but, actually it is not a long-flowering cannabis seed. Thanks to it's cross with a very old Sensi Star, Medical Seeds managed to have a flowering period of 55-60 days. It has inherited the characteristic flavour of the “Cheese” …
Prozack Feminised Seeds thumbnail

Prozack Feminised Seeds

Medical Seeds Prozack is a bushy strain rather compact and not too high. Its genetic diversity comes from a very famous Dutch winning several cups. Indoor start period for Prozack cannbis seeds is 3-4 weeks and its flowering period is 65-75 days. It's THC is between 15%-18%. It has an unmistakab…
Sour Diesel Feminised Seeds thumbnail

Sour Diesel Feminised Seeds

Medical Seeds Sour Diesel is one of the finest genetics available in current market. Originally Sativa, with clean and euphoric potent effect, but not very cerebral it is the perfect all-day long mate. Crossing their best Indica of massive production with Diesel, Medical Seeds increased the producti…
White Widow Feminised Seeds thumbnail

White Widow Feminised Seeds

Medical Seeds White Widow is a cannabis seed with a medicinal effect, thanks to its high content of CBD it is suitable for treating many chronic diseases and injuries. The percentage of THC is moderated by the medicine which is perfect for every day. White Widow yields moderately & the sea of g…
Y Griega CBD Feminised Seeds thumbnail

Y Griega CBD Feminised Seeds

This weed seed is the result of collaboration between Medical Seeds with CBD Crew. This cannabis seed comes from Medical Seeds mother Y Griega cross to a strain with a high CBD level and a low THC level, they have achieved to establish the ratio 1:1 (CBD: THC). The levels might vary from 4 to 10, a…
Y Griega Feminised Seeds thumbnail

Y Griega Feminised Seeds

Unlike other sativas, Y Griega surprises us with a robust production of buds, large and extremely resinous, who arrive to cover the stems resin. This marijuana seed maintains a classic haze scent, combined with a slight sweet touch that makes it stand out. There are some records of the THC reaching …
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Medical Seeds: Barcelona's Best Via the UK!

The Gorilla was so impressed with what he heard about Medical Seeds' operation, he headed straight to Barcelona to check them out. He was not disappointed! This crew takes genetic control to the extremes for the absolute highest level of quality you can find in a 100% feminized seed.

Medical Seeds carefully selects each parent from hundreds of potential specimens, making sure that the lucky candidate has proven that it is healthy and capable of producing the most desired traits, like a specific cannabinoid profile, amplified flavours and outstanding yields.

  • Medical Seeds was Founded in Spain 9+ Years Ago
  • 15 Unique Strains - Something for Everyone!
  • Designed with Both Power & Flavour in Mind

From there, Medical Seeds lets nature take its course in perfectly isolated breeding rooms before following up with an extensive testing program that eliminates any & all defects and ensures the highest level of stability and vigour. In fact, this is one of the only breeders that is so confident of their quality level that they will guarantee your success. If you have any problems with their cannabis seeds, shoot them an email & let them know!

As soon as Big G returned from sunny Spain with a fat sack of these medicinal cannabis seeds, he told us to hook up the entire world with these magnificent beans and that's exactly what we're doing! Gorilla Seeds is proud to offer up every single Medical Seeds' Strain at a reduced price, and if you play your cards right, you'll get some amazing free marijuana seeds as our thank you for your loyalty. How great is that?

Click that Buy Button & Add Medical Seeds to Your Bag Now!

NB: Medical Seeds may guarantee your success, but Gorilla Seeds cannot. We sell cannabis seeds for collection purposes only & strictly prohibit germination.

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