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Northern High Lights thumbnail

Northern High Lights

Northern High Lights - The Best Indoor Seed Ever!

Original NL is awesome, but Northern High Lights is awesome to the nth degree! If you're too stoned to remember that from math class, we'll make it simple - it's way f*cking better.

  • Extremely Fast & Very Easy
  • Generous Power & Impressive Yields
Auto Northern Lights thumbnail

Auto Northern Lights

Not even an expert could spot the difference between Northern Lights & Auto Northern Lights. THC and flavour remain completely intact with no compromise. If you're after Northern Lights and can't hang around then Auto Northern Lights is the one for you.
Delicious Seeds Northern Light Blue Feminized thumbnail

Delicious Seeds Northern Light Blue Feminized

Get ready to feel no pain (if you require pain, poke your finger with a pin) – Northern Light Blue siphons off every bit of tension & stress, producing a happy, meditative effect The Gorilla loves after a long day of doing gorilla stuff. Take a banana out of his bunch & buy these cannabis seeds today!
Northern Light thumbnail

Nirvana Regular -Northern Light

If you’ve been debating whether or not to align yourself with a heavyweight, then ponder no longer; Northern Light’s your perfect cohort. She’s super easy going and quite forgiving. Completely at ease indoors, Northern Light puts out good yields, is heavy on resin and is covered in chunky frosted nugs. Totally finished in just 7-9 weeks, this Nirvana Seeds' delicacy is a beneficial friend to have around.
Northern Express Auto thumbnail

Northern Express Auto


This improved version of classic Northern Lights is faster & stronger than ever before. As beginner friendly as they come, you can't go wrong with this cannabis seed!

  • Very High 500 gr/m2 Yields
  • Extremely Fast - 8 to 9 Weeks
Northern Light thumbnail

Northern Light

Northern Light is an indoor kind of girl. This mainly Indica mixed hybrid is pretty laid-back. So if you’re looking for a simple, giving home body to spend some quality time with, Northern Light is your lady. She’ll definitely leave you with a smile on your face.
Northern Light thumbnail

Northern Light

You want to spend your nights on the sofa, watching Ren and Stimpy reruns and eating White Castle burgers? Go for it - just remember to invite Northern Lights to the party! This gal is a legendary couch-locker, with big colas and juicy nuggets. Her Afghani stickiness and Thai sweetness is too tasty to deny. Get ready for the full-body high.
Northern Light thumbnail

Northern Light

The Best Beginner Seed Ever Bred!

There's a good reason everyone recommends Northern Light to the newbies. It's crazy easy & insanely good - exactly what you want for your first time.

  • Up to 19.77% THC & 600 gr/m2 in 8 Weeks of Finish
  • Skunk #1 X Northern Light X El Nino
Northern Light Auto thumbnail

Northern Light Auto

Northern Light Auto provides that old-school physical effect & sweet flavour you remember in an easy-to-use package perfect for folks who prefer to handle their business indoors. With a slight Ruderalis bite, this beginner-friendly strain works great for burnouts who like their goods to be fun & mellow; she’s pretty good for medicinal folks too.
Northern Lights thumbnail

Northern Lights

Your Go-To Seed for Fast, Reliable & Potent Results!

A favourite for decades, a legion of cannabis fans continue to rely on Northern Lights when they need it to be fast & foolproof. This is the absolute best choice for indoors.

  • Short, Stocky & Coated in Resin
  • 18% THC, 80% Indica, 60 Day Finishes
Northern Lights 5 x Haze thumbnail

Northern Lights 5 x Haze

This is a multi-award winning strain from Sensi Seeds, with the perfect balance of powerful Sativa and real weight of Indica all wrapped up in a cannabis seed that has the potential to deliver massively strong and reliable yields. Not that you would be thinking of doing anything naughty now would you?
Northern Lights Auto thumbnail

Northern Lights Auto

It Just Doesn't Get Better than This!

Up to 20% THC in only 8 weeks from seed? Sign us up! That's exactly what you'll get with beginner friendly, super fast, fully autoflowering Northern Lights Auto.

  • Barely Any Smell - Very Discreet & Stealthy
  • Recommended for Indoors & Beginners
Northern Lights Auto thumbnail

Northern Lights Auto

The cannabis market is filled with Northern Lights Auto Strains, but this one is truly unique. Sensi Seeds couldn't stop at just one NL in this mix. They combined NL #5, NL #2 & their very best autoflowering Indica for a true knockout that's amazingly good & incredibly easy. Get yours today!
Northern Lights X Big Bud Auto thumbnail

Northern Lights X Big Bud Auto

Purple Buds, Citrus Flavour, 50 Days from Seed!

Northern Lights X Big Bud Auto successfully combines monster yields with stealthy size & aromas to create the perfect indoor cannabis seed. It's a best seller!

Northern Soul thumbnail

Northern Soul

A Crystal Coated Skunk/Northern Lights Blend

Northern Soul is a chill little number with awesome yields, rock-solid nuggs & an outstanding resistance to mould & mildew. Get yours today!

  • Strong Physical Effects - Indica Dominant
  • 9 to 10 Weeks Inside - Mid-October Outdoors
World of Seeds Northern Light x Big Bud Feminized thumbnail

World of Seeds Northern Light x Big Bud Feminized

With a potent combination of best-selling, championship genetics, Northern Lights X Big Bud was a guaranteed winner from the very beginning! This mix of pure Indica strains offers raw power, strong medicinal properties and huge yields in a tiny, stealth-friendly package.
World of Seeds Northern Light x Skunk Feminized thumbnail

World of Seeds Northern Light x Skunk Feminized

Northern Lights X Skunk puts a new kink in two classics with high resin, mind-blowing therapeutic abilities and a mouth-watering, tongue-tingling flavour. Get dense, dank and sticky with Northern Light X Skunk!
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Northern Lights is the Best Beginner Strain!

Northern Lights has proved its worth for generations as a rock-solid marijuana seed for collectors of all experience levels, especially for those who need things to be fast & productive indoors. It is also, without a doubt, the single strain recommended to first timers more often than any other. If you're looking for fail-proof gear, your search is over!

First developed in the American North West, Northern Lights Seeds are famous for secreting copious amounts of resin making them look like they're lit from within as soon as the lights come on. That inner glow, my friend, is how the original Northern Lights Strain earned her infamous name!

  • Satisfying Generations of Indoor Collectors!
  • Fast Finishes with High Yields
  • One of the Most Respected Weed Seeds Ever!

Since the original NL was first released, countless breeders have engineered their own improved Northern Lights Strains & hybrids including the elusive Northern Lights #5 phenotype. If you'd like to get a taste of what some believe to be the absolute best NL strain ever created, check out Sensi Seeds' Northern Lights #5 X Haze. That feminized seed has more than earned the Gorilla stamp of approval!

Northern Lights comes highly recommended, but that's not all The Gorilla has in his bag of tricks. He's traveled the universe, fought aliens, slain zombies & done half a dozen drive-bys to bring you the best collection of Beginner Strains on the planet at the absolute lowest prices possible. Check 'em out!

Why Wait? Grab Your Northern Lights Cannabis Seeds Today!

NB: Just in case you're new to collecting, a Northern Lights grow would be easy, but it would also be illegal in the UK & against the Gorilla Seeds terms of service. We sell all cannabis seeds strictly as collectible souvenirs.

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