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Why Buy Regular Cannabis Seeds?

Now that the feminization process is virtually perfect, many collectors swear by these enhanced marijuana seeds, but that's not to say that standard or Regular Seeds don't have some very important benefits. In fact, the American MMJ community relies on them far more often than any other type.

Here are just a few reasons why many still prefer regular seeds:

  • Regular Seeds Are More Natural - No Stress or Chemicals Required in the Breeding Process
  • Standard Seeds Are More Robust & Show a Sharper, Truer Representation of Both Parents
  • Many High-Demand Strains Are Only Available from Regular Seed Banks
  • In Most Cases, Regular Seeds are Nearly 50% Cheaper than Any Other Option

Sold on regular seed banks? Then you've come to the right place! Gorilla Seeds sells the best European, Canadian & American gear, including certified fire strains, at the absolute lowest prices on the net - with discreet, international shipping & friendly customer service. Nothing could be easier!

Find Your Perfect Bean at the World's Best Regular Seed Banks Today!

Barneys Farm Regular

Barneys Farm Regular

Bomb Seeds Regular

Bomb Seeds

Delta 9 Labs Regular

Delta 9 Labs

Grand Daddy Purp Regular

Grand Daddy Purp

Joint Doctor Regular

Joint Doctor

Nirvana Seeds Regular

Nirvana Seeds

Secret Garden Regular

Secret Garden

Sensi Regular

Sensi Regular

Rock It Old-School with the Industry's Best Regular Seed Banks!

Just because the cannabis industry has coined the words "regular" and "standard" to describe non-feminized weed seeds doesn't mean these potent beans aren't extraordinarily special. Many experts say they're actually a cut above their feminized sisters when it comes to precision, power & flavour. They will need just a bit more observation & patience, but if you know your stuff, the rewards are nothing short of incredible!

  • Proven Power, Solid Results, Very Attractive Prices
  • Exclusive Strains Like The Original Grand Daddy Purp
  • Get 'em Cheaper & Faster at Gorilla Seeds - Totally & Utterly Discreet!

Dig European craftsmanship? Check out the explosive options at Bomb Seeds or the legendary classics at Sensi Seeds. Prefer the more medicinal power of the American regular seed banks? The Gorilla brings you Grand Daddy Purp, Emerald Triangle & those bad boys at the Home of the Dank, Sin City Seeds! No matter what you've been itching for, The Gorilla has it - or he'll get it!

In most cases, regular seed banks offer premium genetics at highly discounted prices - about 50% cheaper than feminized seeds on average. It's a great way to save a bundle if you're still learning the ropes. And to sweeten the deal even more, The Gorilla makes sure you'll always get them even cheaper when you shop Gorilla Seeds!

Stop F'ing Around & Grab Your Super-Awesome Regular Seeds Now!

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