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Hawaii Maui Waui

This is the strain that put Hawaii in the Cannabis Hall of Fame! Just as famous as Acapulco Gold & Red-Hair Skunk, Sativa Seeds Hawaii Maui Waui is just as sought-after as it was back in the day. Grab these 100% feminized seeds while you can for the head trip of the century - this one or last!
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Sweet Sativa Special

Shockingly good, Sweet Sativa Special successfully marries commercial-sized yields with connoisseur quality for an unbeatable mix. These cannabis seeds are extremely easy, exceptionally fast (especially for a Sativa-dominant hybrid) and they literally ooze resin. Savour the sweet, herbal smoothness in just 50 to 60 short days!
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Welcome to the Wilder Side of Weed Seeds!

If sitting on the couch all day long isn't your thing, step up to the Sativa Seedbank for a better type of cannabis seed. Filled to the bursting point with smoldering power & energizing effects that go straight to your brain, these electrifying strains are captivating, motivating & just a little bit trippy. Hang on tight - it's going to be a wild ride!

  • Regular & Feminized Cannabis Seeds
  • Leading the Way with Top-Rated Sativa Strains
  • Incredibly Low Prices & Shockingly Fast Deliveries

An infamous offshoot of Nirvana Seeds, you can trust the Sativa Seedbank to deliver only the absolute best genetics the weed world has to offer. This outstanding breeder has an entire research team that does nothing but design brand-new psychedelic combinations that'll blow your f*cking mind! Check 'em out!

For the best prices and fastest delivery, buy all your cannabis seeds from Gorilla Seeds. We ship all Sativa Seedbank strains in the original, sealed breeder packs so that you always know you're getting the genuine article!

Buy Smokin' Hot Cannabis Seeds from Gorilla Seeds & The Sativa Seedbank Now!

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