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Purple Haze thumbnail

Purple Haze

Purple Haze, All In My Brain!

This feminized seed could have been Jimi's inspiration for one of the most iconic rock hits of all time - and if not, Purple Haze is a fitting tribute!

  • Distinctly Purple Hues
  • Fat, Dense & Coated in Resin
African Buzz thumbnail

African Buzz

Straight from Malawi to You!

African Buzz is a rare pure Sativa derived from landrace strains sourced from the dark continent. Pure, heady & energizing, this is exotic herb at its best!

  • Up to 20% THC - 11 Week Finish
  • Massive Yields - Major Head Buzz
Amur Giant Auto thumbnail

Amur Giant Auto

From Russia With Love, Amur Giant Is A Gift From The East! This Sativa dominant cannabis seed was produced by hybridising Power Plant with Jack Herer, then stabilised it with an Amur Ruderalis weed seed from Eastern Russia. Kalashnikov Seeds say that the crisp, lemony scent of this strain comes fro…
Auto Purple thumbnail

Auto Purple

A pure purple treat - visually, tastefully and heedfully! Auto Purple is new from Pyramid Seeds, it's a cross between a well selected purple and a ruderalis mother. Auto Purple has a fruity grape & fresh berry taste with a tantalisingly unique black licorice aroma. Auto Purple gets a lush p…
Buzz Light Gear thumbnail

Buzz Light Gear

Triple Stacked Calyxes & 23% THC!

Buzz Light Gear is a pure Sativa that'll get you up & moving with an energetic high that's happy & only slightly trippy. Yields are insane!

  • Amnesia Haze X Kali Mist X G13 Haze
  • Up to 800 gr/m2 Inside, 1400 gr/seed Outside
Dr. Grinspoon thumbnail

Dr. Grinspoon

Genuine Heirloom Sativa - 26% THC

Nothing but this pure, heirloom Sativa would do to honour the heroic Dr Grinspoon, renowned author, psychiatrist, Harvard professor & cannabis advocate.

  • Unique Bead-Like Buds Dusted with Crystals
  • Extended Finishes - Not for Rookies!
Durban Punch Regular thumbnail

Durban Punch Regular

Durban Punch remembers what a fine and distinguished sativa looks like. Thin leafs and mid sized internodes, strong root system, Durban Punch grows quick and healthy. Flowers form like a classic sativa. Stigmas are everywhere once dried.  Some will develop a beautiful intense and bright orange…
Haze Mist thumbnail

Haze Mist

Ready to Trip Balls?

Put those couchlockers away & lift your soul sky-high with the Sativa-rich power of Haze Mist, a potent product of an Original Haze X White Widow pairing. Outstanding!

  • Incredible Output - Early Finishes
  • The Quintessential Head Stash
Mekong Haze thumbnail

Mekong Haze


Old Congo thumbnail

Old Congo Regular

Our very most favourite sativa decided to get in touch with the 3 classic sativas involving OT Haze. Great outdoor choice for warm and mild climates. Open branchy structure. Produces a good quantity of buds spreaded in the entire plant. Flowers are best quality, scents combining fine wood-leather a…
World of Seeds South African Kwazulu Feminized thumbnail

World of Seeds South African Kwazulu Feminized

A wild, landrace strain from the farthest reaches of the dark continent, South African Kwazulu is a Shaka Zulu favourite. With a single taste, the power of South African Kwazulu puts you in touch with your inner warrior.
World of Seeds Strawberry blue Feminized thumbnail
World of Seeds Wild Thailand Feminized thumbnail

World of Seeds Wild Thailand Feminized

Definitely one bad-ass seed, Wild Thailand reaches an unheard of 22.3% THC level. Even more amazing, she’s an all-natural Sativa that hasn’t been tampered with. Simply feminized, but never diluted, Wild Thailand is potent and stunning!
World of Seeds Yumbolt 47 Feminized thumbnail
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What Makes Gorilla Choose a Certain Sativa Seed?

It’s all well and good saying that the Gorilla has chosen the best sativa seeds for you, but how do you actually know they are the best ones for you unless you know the criteria they had to pass to be selected.

Even though Gorilla has several decades of experience working in all areas of the cannabis seed world, he still has a strict set of tests sativa seeds have to pass to make it onto the Gorilla Seeds website. These are as follows:

  • Must Be Produced by a Leading Seed Breeder
  • Must Be 100% Reliable
  • Must Be 100% Organic Pure Sativa
  • Must Pass the Gorilla Sniff and Lick Test (he is a Gorilla after all…)

So you see, these rules plus a few decades of knowledge mean that your sativa seeds are going to surpass your every expectation. Even in the remote circumstance that you are not 100% happy with your cannabis seeds, Gorilla will replace them immediately and without questions. Just return the untampered, unopened package. You’ve got nothing to lose!

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