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Bubble Runtz

This Indica dominant hybrid boasts an potent 22% THC and yields to die for. Expect up to 800gr/m2 or 1500gr/plant outdoors from this tasty beauty. And as with all Taste Budz cannabis seeds, you can expect Bubble Runtz to have fantastic flavours and aromas too.
Gelonade thumbnail


Gelonade has a short fuse and goes off with a bang! For feminized cannabis seeds with incredibly short flowering times, this is just the ticket. Expect massive yields of up to 550gr/m2 in only 7 weeks! I doesn't get faster than this.
Hash Cake thumbnail

Hash Cake

This powerhouse from TasteBudz contains a massive 27% THC. And it comes oozing with resin and terpenes, so whether you want to smoke it raw or make tasty concetrates, you're in for a treat!
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MAC Muffin

This 100% indica cannabis seed has 22% THC, super chill effects and it tastes great. Being ready in early September, it's ideal for cooler climates or just those who want their bud as soon as possible!
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Peanut Butter Cookies

How does 650gr/m2 of 25% THC bud sound? Nutty, right! Get some Peanut Butter Cookies from TasteBudz and indulge in fat yields, huge amounts of THC and delicious flavours all from these feminized cannabis seeds.
Vanilla Frosting thumbnail

Vanilla Frosting

This Sunset Sherbet x Gelato hybrid was bound to be good, but this is exceptionally good! Tasty, balanced and potent, what more could you want?
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